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GO EASY: the financial solution to drive the new 500 available all over Europe.

The New 500, the first all-electric car of the FCA Group, is here and is ready to disrupt the car market. Like its previous versions, it is a symbol of change that is now headed towards sustainable mobility.


The reduction of CO2 emissions is one of the main challenges of mobility for the next few years, to combat pollution and the effects of climate change.

FCA Bank, ever the pioneer in revolutionizing the sector, will contribute to the development of electric mobility with the Europe-wide launch of Go Easy, a loan for those who intend to purchase a new electric 500. Go Easy is designed to enable as many people as possible to drive an electric car. Thanks to FCA Bank, now customers can choose the best sustainable mobility solution anywhere in Europe.

The loan will be available in all the markets where FCA Bank is operational, starting from Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany, to mention but a few. It is a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), a loan with a low monthly instalment and the guaranteed future value of the vehicle. The program allows customers to chose, at the end of the contract, whether to replace the car by purchasing  a new one or to keep the vehicle by paying the Final Instalment. Moreover, in certain countries, borrowers will receive as a gift a tree that will be planted in FCA Bank’s forest on the Treedom website.

The green mobility revolution is here and FCA Bank wants to give a chance to all its customers to be part of it. Driving the New 500 is a unique experience. All the features that have always made the 500 a symbol have been upgraded to green standards to contribute to protect the future of the planet.

FCA Bank pays always attention to its customers’ needs, also in green terms. Choose Go Easy and drive electric. 

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