Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Factory?

Digital Factory is the initiative promoted by FCA Bank in collaboration with I3P - Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy - which aims to explore and identify possible new solutions and technologies able to contribute in a decisive way to the digital transformation of FCA Bank, accelerating the internal process of innovation already underway.

Through this initiative, FCA Bank intends to get in touch with young innovative realities in the fields of Fintech and Insurtech, with some application areas of particular interest:

• insurance and financial risk assessment systems;
• alternative solutions for the management of loans, financing and micro-credit;
• solutions for user profiling and customer segmentation strategies;
• creation of automatic and intelligent systems for the analysis of insurance and financial needs;
• alternative payment products and methods complementary to FCA Bank products.

Who can participate in the Call for Startup?

Any startup and innovative SME that are working on a Fintech or Insurtech project can participate in the initiative.
More in detail, the Digital Factory call for proposals is addressed to:

• Innovative startups already established and registered, possibly with assets, resources and dedicated teams;
• Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises ("SMEs"), with assets, resources and teams dedicated to the submitted project.

The candidates may be in one of the following stages of maturity:

• "Revenue stage": the company generates turnover.
• "Pre-revenue stage": the company does not generate turnover.

In particular, the subjects who are in the "Pre-revenue internship" maturity stage can apply if they are in one of the following stages of development:

• "Ready to market": product / service ready to enter the market and for which its integration significantly improves existing features and/or enables new ones and/or opens new market segments.
• "Validated Prototype": there is a working prototype, tested and validated by some "prospects" and for which its integration significantly improves the existing functionality and/or enables new ones and/or opens new market segments.
• "Prototype": there is a first prototype realized in laboratory and not yet validated and for which its integration considerably improves the existing functionalities and/or enables new ones and/or opens new market segments.
• "Idea": it is an innovative idea that can be realized and launched on the market exclusively with a unique and distinctive concept, able to be translated into Prototype by 2021.

How can I participate in Digital Factory?

The participation in the Digital Factory initiative is free. The application phase on the dedicated website ( was closed at 23:59 of January 06, 2021.

The applications will be examined by the Evaluation Committee at the unquestionable discretion of FCA Bank and I3P. In addition, FCA Bank and I3P reserve the right to request additions to the documentation sent and, if necessary, to call the applicants for an in-depth interview by videoconference (e.g. Skype).

What are the evaluation criteria?

The evaluation criteria used by the Evaluation Committee and the Jury, in their respective evaluation phases, are organized in the following macro-categories:

• company strength and credibility of the team;
• proposal for FCA Bank in the following points: feasibility of the proposal (how much it can be integrated with the FCA Bank reality), time horizon necessary for its completion, impact of the proposal (value created for FCA Bank and the companies of the Group);
• area of interest of the solution (scope of application).

What is the “Security Solution Design Document”?

The "Security Solution Design Document" is a document that is requested when filling out the application form for the "Digital Factory" initiative.

In this document, the candidate must describe the software and hardware architecture of the proposed solution, with a focus on the security measures.

The uploading of the "Security Solution Design Document" during the application phase allows the Evaluation Committee to respond to one of the Evaluation Criteria (see Art. 10 of the call for proposals), i.e. the adherence of the software and hardware architecture of the proposed solution with the security and data protection requirements which are considered mandatory by FCA Bank.

The document will be requested as an integration, during the evaluation phase of the collected applications, if it was not already provided during the application phase (filling in the form).

What does the Call for Startups offer?

The participants in the Digital Factory initiative will have the opportunity to get in touch with the FCA Bank and the Group's subsidiaries: in fact, the initiative is the first step of knowledge between the parties involved.

Specifically, the participant who successfully passes the selection phase will have the opportunity to obtain resources from FCA Bank to develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC), to test and demonstrate in the field the feasibility of the use case presented, in line with the areas of interest of FCA Bank.

Will the information provided in the application be made public?

For further information on the protection of privacy and confidentiality of data provided to apply for Digital Factory, please refer to the official notice of the initiative and more specifically to its Art. 12 and 15.

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